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Elzevir is the name borrowed from Louis Elsevier who founded his publishing house around 1580 in Leiden (Netherlands). The family business was known for its constant search for technical perfection, the quality of paper imported from Angoulême and its print characters - garamond's imitation - engraved by Christophe Van Dyck.

Digital is ideal for sharing photographs, but only prints and books ensure that these memories can be passed on to future generations.

Elzevir is revealed in a wooden box, covered with raw linen and closed by a magnetised flap.

The book has a rigid blanket wrapped in raw linen on which is embossed its meaning.


As the pace of the world accelerates, we take the time to keep beautiful and unalterable memories - handmade - of our history.

The photographs are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper guaranteeing their longevity of at least 60 years.

Elzevir is a “Lay-flat” type, so it can be lying flat for better reading comfort. It has continuous pages across the entire width of the book, with no central groove, offering an uninterrupted view of memories.

With a thickness of 220 gsm, slightly lustrous and semi-flexible, each sheet gives a feeling of softness to each new page.


We are surrounded by photo albums, however,
taking into account the ecological footprint during their production
is a rare concept.

Elzevir is ecological. Its raw linen cover is made from materials originally intended to be wasted.

The box that accompanies the book is made from very soft wood recovered from a factory located near the place of production of each Elzevir.

During its transport, its protection is provided by biodegradable paper replacing the traditional plastic bubble film.


Some of Elzevir’s features are custom-made. Thus, the number of pages is adapted to the number of images and the desired layout.

Decorative pages linking the heart of the book to its cover can be added.

The title of the embossed book on the cover is fully customisable.


After the authentic moments,
Elzevir is ready to make this experience unforgettable.

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Bespoke craft Elzevir

Bespoke craft : Elzévir is a photo book with a rigid blanket wrapped in linen on which is embossed its raison d’être. It is revealed in a wooden box, covered in raw linen and enclosed by a magnetized flap.