Thomas Lepaon Photographie
was born

A few years ago, I rediscovered my family album created by my parents. I once again lived these forgotten childhood memories and became aware of the power of photography. From this experience the flame was born.

Thomas Lepaon Photographie
Photographie par Jonathan Canlas

Born in 1982 in Rouen, French Normandy, I studied archaeology until my doctorate at the University of Tours in the Loire Valley.

For 15 years, I discovered the splendid near-eastern heritage sites of Jordan, Syria, Egypt or Iraq and the prestigious universities of Yale and Princeton in the United States.

These sojourns and the many encounters allowed me to develop my artistic culture and refine my aesthetic tastes.


"Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak"
John Berger

Although familiar with photography by my father, it was only when a friend lent me a film camera, initially for the garbage dump, that I considered this medium as a possible tool for artistic creation.

A long period of experimental trials and errors then opens up…

Driven by desire for perfection and need to challenge standards, I grab every opportunity to learn, spending my evenings studying technique, composition and colour theories…


Learning time

What if we dreamed…

Mamiya C3

During this period of learning, my real ambition – still in limbo – is gradually revealed: to make photography my full-time job.

In 2016, a meeting with Philippe Bachelier, printer of the famous French-Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, proved decisive in this journey.

He taught me the unique development and printing process of film photographic creation.

Since that initiation, the exclusive choice of film and its out of time treatment is a pillar of Thomas Lepaon Photography company, a philosophy that still followed today.



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Thomas Lepaon Photographie

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