Seize the emotion, capture the movement, reveal the beauty

Every family is a liftestyle, every moment spent together is intense, fleeting and precious.

The goal is not to invent your world but rather to sublimate it with beautiful photographs that reflect the spirit of the event, commemorate each instant intensely lived and transmit these memories to posterity.

Thomas Lepaon Photographie . Lifestyle and wedding Photographer
Loire Valley . France . Available worldwide

Discover what makes my difference

I am a liftestyle and wedding photographer. I love beautiful images, excellence of materials, authenticity of a moment and emotion that each family event brings.

My inspirations stem from my sensitivity to the beauty of contemporary design, my taste for discovering modern lifestyle and my trips to inspiring places.

My photographs are the fruit of this life philosophy, my search for a timeless beauty for enduring quality memories and my attachment to human and environmental values.


Let's create together an intense, rare and shared experience