We love your photographic universe, how can we work with you?

It’s very simple !

Contact me by the contact form giving me all the important details: date, places, phone number or skype and everything that seems good to you to share with me. If I am available, I will call you to discuss the upcoming meeting and answer your questions.

How will the first contact between us take place?

After having met by e-mail, the first step of our collaboration will be to phone us directly or by Skype before any engagement. Photography is for me a dialogue on both sides of the objective: without sharing or exchanging, no emotions or a soul … Human contact is therefore paramount to be sure that the feeling passes between you and me in order to be in total confidence. It is important that each experiences takes place smoothly and without unnecessary stress.


Do you have a brochure describing your services with information and prices?

Let’s get acquainted with the contact form, I will send you the details of the proposed services and my rates. My offer is tailored to your needs and desires and I offer my services for the realization of fine art prints and the creation of art books.


Do you travel for a session?

I love to travel so I will be delighted to meet you next to my home in the Loire Valley in France or even abroad. I simply ask that you take care of the travel and accommodation expenses if necessary!


And more concretely, what is your organization ?

Whether in weddings or during a more intimate family session, I try to blend in with the decor and atmosphere discreetly, reassuringly and professionally to allow you to enjoy the moment. The idea is to photograph you in your environment and to have pictures full of laughs, funny faces and the pretty mess that makes our daily life.

For family sessions, everything takes place at home or nearby, in your favorite environment. We start at your home and then go out in the garden or park at the corner of the street where you go often.

Do you photograph details and groups ?

Yes ! a wedding or a family session would not be complete without these photos. I realize how much time you spend designing your wedding style or decorating the inside of your family cocoon. That’s why I take the time to photograph the details, design elements and decor that are an integral part of your family and that will make your wedding unique. These details tell the true story of your family.
I also take time to make group photos for which I offer some tips to make beautiful pictures of you and your family. We will define together the necessary time and places to make these photos.


Are we going to be headed?

My photographic approach is mainly focused on reporting. However, do I direct the subjects photographed? Yes of course ! I interact with you as much as necessary, not to get specific poses but to guide you towards natural interactions and movements or changing details like arrangement of hair. I try to put everyone in a comfortable position so that you just have to enjoy the moment.


How many photos do you deliver?

First, I’m in a quality approach but I do not limit the number of films or triggers. Count a hundred photographs as part of a family session and between 400 and 800 images for a wedding. The number of images depends on several factors, such as shooting time, the amount of detail, …


When will I receive my photos?

Sitôt la prise de vue réalisée, les pellicules sont envoyées au laboratoire pour y être développées et scannées. Une fois les éventuelles retouches effectuées, les images sont mises en ligne sur la galerie entre 4 et 6 semaines en fonction de la période de l’année. Durant la haute saison des mariages (juin-septembre), les délais peuvent être plus ou moins longs pour les laboratoires. Pour les tirages et les albums, il faut compter 2 semaines supplémentaires à compter de la commande pour les temps d’impressions et d’acheminement.

Immediately after the shooting, films are sent to the laboratory to be developed and scanned. Once any corrections have been made, images are placed on the gallery between 4 and 6 weeks depending on the time of year. During the wedding high season (June-September), the delays may be longer for laboratory. For prints and albums, it takes an additional 2 weeks from the order for printing and shipping times.


Can I have the digital HD files?

Yes ! All images are provided through the web gallery, you can view, share, download and order fine art prints and art books.


Fine art prints? Art books?

As a film photographer, I prefer to deliver my images on quality physical media that really showcase images. The online gallery allows you and your loved ones to order art prints on fine art paper and art books designed not to degrade over time. The online gallery will allow you to choose your favorite photos and we will compose your album together before printing. The prints and books are delivered directly to your home in France and around the world.