Thomas Lepaon Photographie
Photography by @JonathanCanlas

Loire Valley wedding and portrait film photographer

I am wedding and portrait film photographer based in Loire Valley for international clientele.

I specialise in natural light film photography that offers an inimitable pastel colour rendering, restores skin tones in a natural way, produces grain giving character to black and white images, gives blur and movement a soft and natural.

I love beauty of luminous photographs, excellence of materials used for the prints, authenticity of the shared human experiences and unique experience that comes from discovering an art book immortalising an event. My work is elegant but not stuck, casual but not neglected, effective but not cold, simple but not simplistic.

My inspirations come from my sensitivity to the art movement called “pictorialisme” of the early 19th century, which considers that photography should not be limited to the mere reproduction of reality. To a descriptive, clear and functional photography, I prefer a photograph that suggests atmosphere of a moment, evokes shared emotions, reflects personality of a couple.

I am inspired by this heritage in order to offering meaningful photograph with contemporary aesthetic.

Savoir faire

"At the digital age, we live through our screens, to put in picture the present moment. We don't look anymore, we film. We no longer listen, we record. And we no longer talk, we download."
Alber Elbaz - Designer

human, natural, sincere and intimate experiences ...

Time is not a constraint, it is a factor of valorisation. By my desire to offer human, natural, sincere and intimate expériences, I choose to interrupt the hysteria of the contemporary world, to disconnect, to take the time at each session.

Rather than perfect virtual images done in studio artificially lit, I prefer compositions with natural light. It has this incredible ability to look people more beautiful and objects more elegant.

When the light is sufficient, Thomas reduces his equipment to a minimum: two film cameras with medium format color and black and white rolls, 50mm lenses ...


"Everything that was around us seemed straight out of a freezer. Do I always want a contemporary house, a sofa design, high-tech materials, and have a painting from an art gallery obtained at the International art fair in Paris? This smooth and thoughtful world has become extremely normative, a language always cautious and conformist products. I would prefer to explore an analogue world being able to bypass the botoxed digital revolution with an alternative emotional aesthetic, moving, warm and sometimes, slightly incorrect and chaotic. Anything but a boring digital world to die for."
Hédi Slimane - Photographer et stylist

Reinterpret film photography at the 21st century with a singular, timeless, contemporary and creative aesthetic identity...

I draw inspiration from many areas of contemporary art. The artists who inspire me have as common point to have strong personal universes that transgress the codes of their environment.

Actualy, I'm very fond of the photographic works of Elizabeth Messina and graphic achievements of New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. The latter intrigues him with his ability to express his emotions by combining painting, graphs and collages.

Like these artists, my photographic work aims to create a true universe, with no expiration date with images that will not be fixed in a specific era or old fashioned.

ethics and respect for human work

Quality that pollutes or exploits is not quality

For a hedonistic lifestyle, sustainable and eco-responsible and respectful of work

Looking for a minimal ecological impact is a constant concern. From the supply of material to print, I try to reduce as much as possible my waste and its ecological footprint.

However, this vocation is not limited to nature alone, I am also very sensitive to respect for "the human environment" that is to say that I consider the work of men and women to be of real value.

That's why I prefer to collaborate with companies that do not relocate their production to maximize their profits and that showcase craftsmanship rather than the productivity of their machine.

This philosophy of life intends to share more equitably the distribution of the prices of each product, to give customers a part of their purchasing power in short to pass the marketing price at the right price...