“Elegance must be a balance of simplicity, attention, natural distinction”

Christian Dior


Thomas Lepaon Photographie
Photography by @JonathanCanlas


Wedding and portrait photographer based in the heart of Touraine, my work goes beyond delivering elegant photographs to my clients. I attach importance to authenticity of the experience and to excellence of tailor-made products retaining these intangible memories.

I specialize in film photography which brings elegance, softness and exclusivity to images. I love the beautiful bright photographs taken in natural light. Film offers an inimitable rendering of colors, restores skin tones in a natural way, produces grain that gives character to black and white images, gives blurs and movement a timeless rendering. My work is elegant, authentic and casual.

“At the digital age, we live through our screens, to put in picture the present moment. We don’t look anymore, we film. We no longer listen, we record. And we no longer talk, we download.”

Alber Elbaz – Designer



My inspiration come from modern and contemporary art. I admire fashion photographs of Peter Lindbergh, poetic inspirations of the images of Elizabeth Messina, impressionist portraits of Auguste Renoir, landscapes of Claude Monet, Renaissance architecture of the Loire Valley, graphic achievements of Jean- Michel Basquiat or genius of interior designer Charlotte Perriand. I am fascinated by these artists who have daring and unique artistic universes which transgress the codes of their environment and their era.



“I believe that something is lacking in this all-digital world. The sensuality of contact with objects.”

Bret Easton Ellis – Writer



If digital is ideal for easily sharing photographs, only prints and art books ensure that these memories can be preserved and passed on to future generations. This is why all my clients receive their photographs in digital format with a set of prints (10 x 15 cm) delivered in a handcrafted archival box.

Our “Fine Art” art books are made in Europe, each page is individually bound by hand and the photographs are drawn on archival paper ensuring unlimited longevity. These creations are tailor-made with various possibilities for customizing the cover.