Maison Constance Fournier

Bespoke wedding dress

To entrust the Maison Constance Fournier with designing his bespoke wedding dress is living the experience of artistic creation for her wedding.


The home of Maison Constance Fournier, in Véretz, French Loire Valley, is a place dedicated to craftsmanship.

Each visit of a bride-to-be transforming the atelier-showroom into an environment where imagination of the artist ignites with an obsession for details.

All the dresses made are the result of a discussion animated by the dreams of the recent fiancée and nourished by the inspiration of the stylists.


Looking for the perfect dress in a casual atmosphere

The journey begins on the sofa of the showroom where each client meets the craftsmen of the house who will help her to choose the right model, her style, the type of lace, the tones, the accessories…

It is during this phase of exploration and experimentation that the ideal dress is gradually drawn.

Then, these are the first essays, measurements and sketches: this is when the creation begins.


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Behind the atelier's door...

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The atelier is the place where the magic happens, where the hands of the creators make real the dream dress of each bride-to-be.

From the sketches of the stylists, the couturières create “the canvas” of the dress used for the first fittings. Once this initial model is adjusted, the manufacturing can begin.

The experience ends with the fitting of completed creation, a taste of the emotions of the upcoming wedding.


Art is the world of the exceptional, the creative and the intimate. But beyond the handcrafted object, it is the lived experience and the emotions felt that give it its true value.

Manual and craftmanship work is the alternative to standardised and automated productions from the digital revolution.

More than just a purchase, each bespoke wedding dress is an order of a unique and personal piece of art.



What doesn't require effort has no value

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